All Metal Japanese Garden Pruning Shears


These garden pruners, made in Japan, will soon be your favorites. The action is very smooth and precise, and the metal is a heavy gauge precision stainless steel for rust free, long life. The handles are perfectly formed and hand finished for comfort. Not fancy looking, but the quality is excellent.

  • Pointy, and very sharp. The blades are not especially thin, and not apt to bend or flex. Slight bend at the hinge which allows one to cut flush toward a flat surface. Flat Blade
  • Made in Japan - High Precision Action, Very Sharp
  • Extra long firing times in modern kilns and use of non-toxic glazes give added durability, safety and a distinct ring when tapped that low fired, low cost ceramics cannot match
  • Rust Free, Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel, very durable.
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