Spiceberry Home Granite Pizza Stone, 14-Inch


This heavyweight Spiceberry Home Solid Granite Pizza stone is great for making pizzas with a perfect crispy crust. The trick to a great pizza is high heat and a stone that does not cool down when dough is added. This 12.5 pound pizza stone is perfect for this. Instructions for using the pan are included. As a bonus, this stone can be used as an elegant stone cheese plate or a cool surface to roll out dough, similar to a marble cutting board. Size is 14 x 3/4-Inches.

  • In addition to making perfectly crisp pizzas, it can be used as an elegant cheese plate or as a cool temperature surface to roll out dough, much like a marble cutting board. Both sides are polished.
  • You must completely preheat the stone in the oven before placing your pizza on the surface. Attempting to cook pizzas on a cold stone will not work and may cause the dough to stick to the stone.
  • 14 Inch Size, 3/4-Inch Thick. Extra Heavyweight 12.5 pounds to hold the heat.
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