Spiceberry Home Granite Dolsot / Haradha Bowl with Lid, 1 Quart


Granite Stone Dolsot / Haradha Bowls by Spiceberry Home with lid and rustic wood trivet base. This bowl is commonly used for either Korean Rice Bibimbap or Yemeni Lamb Saltah, a traditional stew topped with fenugreek. You can also use it to prepare all types of casseroles and more. Dolsot Bibimbap (dolsot meaning stone pot), is served in a very hot stone bowl with rice, vegetables, meat dishes and often a raw egg yolk, which cooks as the ingredients are mixed tableside. The bowl is so hot that anything that touches it sizzles for minutes. Before the rice is placed in the bowl, the bottom of the bowl is coated with sesame oil, making the layer of the rice touching the bowl golden brown and crisp. These are individual size bowls, about 9 pounds each (including the lid), 8 Inches (20cm) across on top x 5 tall outside dimension to the top of the lid. 1 liter capacity to the brim. Important Note: Keep in mind that these rustic bowls are made of natural stone. Any small irregularities should be considered normal, and are not defects. Sandpaper can be used to clean up any details as desired. Easy to clean with salt and water. We usually preheat the empty bowls in a 450-deg oven then place on the gas stovetop burner to finish. Electric stovetop burners are not recommended. If a gas flame is not available, you can heat in the oven and work quickly for good, if not quite as crunchy, results.

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  • Granite Stone Bowl, includes rustic wood trivet. 8-Inch, 1 Liter Size. These are larger than our other stone bowls.
  • Perfect for Korean Style Dolsot Bibimbap: Heat up before adding rice to create a delicious crunchy crust.
  • Also ideal for Yemeni Style Saltah, a lamb or chicken based stew topped with a creamy dollop of fenugreek.
  • Includes rustic wood trivet and instruction sheet with seasoning instructions plus a recipe to get you started.
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