Spiceberry Cast-Iron Enamel 4.5 Quart Braiser - Purple


This Spiceberry 4.5 qt braiser is perfect for casserole dishes, slow cooking, roasting or braising. It is also great for stews. Wider than most dutch ovens, you'll find that this is the cookware you'll reach for time after time. This dish is carefully crafted from cast iron, then hand finished. Next, a durable, stain resistant porcelain enamel finish is applied. The result is cookware that cooks at an even temperature, has superb heat retention and browns foods beautifully. The small dimples on the inside of the lid drip steam condensation on top of your food, giving a basting effect. Dimensions: 13-Inch opening, lip is 3-1/2 inch above base. 5-3/4 inches to the top of the lid knob. As is usual when labeling these types of items, the advertised 5 quart capacity is when filled to within 1/4-Inch of the brim. Capacity is to the brim, practical capacity is somewhat less.

  • Enjoy the excellent cooking characteristics of enameled cast cookware.
  • Heavyweight more even cooking and better results. Cast Iron Knob.
  • Durable Enamel, inside and out, finish resists stains and chips.
  • Cast Iron Knob
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